How to Buy Temple Dao: Full fire ritual puzzle solution

Temple DAO is taking the world of DeFi and crypto by storm.

Its innovative marketing strategy and concept to stabilize the protocol have gained the attention of both big and small investors, which have jumped into the opportunity of getting an APY of 3000% and upwards.

But, if you’re here, you may be wondering, how the heck do I get on the train and get started with Temple DAO?

I’ve gone through the challenges and puzzles myself, and I’ve prepared this tutorial to guide you step-by-step.

Temple DAO Fire Ritual: Overcome the Challenges

As you probably know, to get into the project, you need to pass some puzzles that will allow you access.

Now, if you don’t know how to solve them, it will be an endless trial and error. 

You need to follow a tutorial if you don’t want to frustrate yourself.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to go through the fire ritual of Temple DAO.

First Step

The first step is to join the Discord here

Inside the Discord, go on the “verify-yourself-or-ngmi” channel and up in the Pinned Messages.

Scroll until you find this message

temple dao discord verify

Click on “Jump” and then on the Sun emoji.

Now, in the same Discord channel write this:

This message is for the Fucktards who continually post N G M I emojis and for the assholes who try to get new people to do stupid shit in the voice verify for the sole purpose of humiliating the new people who are just trying to get in. So to the Fucktards & Assholes I have a giant FUCK YOU!!! You Morons are destructive to the community!!! Rather than being dickheads, why don’t you try and help out? Again I say to you FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!

I know… I know… Weird, but trust me and keep going.

Wait for 15 minutes now.

Then type in: !verify in the channel.

You should now get a bot response from Observance saying you’re level 1 verified.

This will grant you the Instito role.

Wait another 15 minutes now.

Then type in:


You should get the bot message “Dear @, thank you for completing stage 2 verification.”

Now wait about 10 minutes then send !verify voice verifyooors (you will get the bot message “has ascended to ultimate verification status and is now eligible for !verify airdrops.”)

Once you’ve done that go the “Observances” server. Wait 2 min and publish !pray

You will get the message “You have found The Way. Follow the echoing whispers .link to begin. Enjoy your Pilgrimage.”

Phase 2 Fire Ritual Temple DAO

Now, go to to connect your ETH metamask wallet and Discord.

Wait 10 min then write !knockknock always in “Observances”  !knockknock

Go to and select: its probably something, give up, pray, bridge.

Remember that to save your phrase (sandwoods incense) in a safe place.

Click on your enclave color until it flips. Then click on it exactly 5 times. You will get an effect and will have to wait for other enclaves to click as well.

To unlock this you need to go on Discord and coordinate with other people from other enclaves in the “Opening Cerimony” channel.

temple dao fire ritual

Last Step: How to Sacrife FRAX for TEMPLE

Now to convert FRAX in the TEMPLE it’s the easiest step, you just need to go on and use the simple interface.

To get FRAX into your wallet, the easiest way in my opinion is to buy some stablecoin like DAI or USDC in a CEX like Coinbase or FTX. Then send this stablecoin to your Metamask and swap it with FRAX using Uniswap or similar.

I recommend using FTX because it has the lowest fees and best interface, that’s why it quickly became one of the most used exchanges.

How to Calculate Your Temple DAO Earnings

Go at this URL and add your ETH address in the end

Temple DAO: Is It Worth Doing All This Hassle to Invest?

Honestly, this is a personal question. As always DYOR (do your own research.)

But this project was recommended to me by some of the smartest people I know in crypto and it’s one of their favorites so far.

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