BankCoin: What Is It & How To Acquire It

In the wake of cryptocurrency popularity, investors are actively seeking for the thing that will increase their wealth. BankCoin is a new cryptocurrency that can be obtained by exchanging pesos or other cryptocurrencies. Behind the BankCoin is a team of bankers looking to create a cryptocurrency that attains its value by exchanging it with other digital currencies or money. Owners of BankCoin can withdraw their coins at designated ATMs or exchange them back to other cryptocurrencies. BankCoin adopts the general idea behind digital currencies but eliminates the need for mining. This currency gets its strength behind exchanging currencies and pesos. BankCoin focuses its efforts in the Spanish-speaking countries.

How to acquire BankCoins

To own BankCoins, users need to get the digital currency’s digital wallet. By simply visiting, you will get a link to sign up and get your own unique BankCoin wallet. The wallet will be used to store your digital and is similar to other cryptocurrencies. BankCoins, however, are not mined but they are gained by exchanging the other digital currencies or Pesos and converted into an equivalent sum in BankCoins. The coins can be converted back into Pesos through approved ATMs, Debit Cards and Online Stores that accept this digital currency. Value of the BankCoin appreciates when other currencies are converted into this digital currency. It follows the general idea behind cryptocurrencies and transactions are verified by the BankCoin group. BankCoin seeks to strengthen the link Spanish-speaking countries by forming a strongly centralized cryptocurrency. It seeks to cushion investors from the ever-fluctuating value in money due to external market factors. Owners of the coin can control value of the money without any intermediaries involved. With ever increasing acceptance, BankCoins will stabilize the currency markets within South America thus creating a powerful cryptocurrency.


BankCoin is a secure medium to transact and anyone wishing to transact on this platform is assured of security. Only BankCoin owners can convert other currencies into BankCoin. This reduces external interference with the value of the currency. The total value of the BankCoins is equal the amount of currency changed. To maintain a stable value of the cryptocurrency, it is controlled by its creators and employs the use of algorithms to verify its authenticity. BankCoins are verified by specialized hashing algorithms and the creation of newer coins rely on its creators. Creators of BankCoins are in talks with other financial institution into accepting the new currency. It is seen as a major contender in the Spanish-speaking countries as an alternative to other cryptocurrencies. Anyone with BankCoins will be capable of visiting specialized ATMs and withdrawing their money in form of Pesos. Crowd-funding done by the Universidad Intercontinental Noroeste aimed at strengthening the value of the BankCoin cryptocurrency. The initial crowd-funding was done in December 2016 and the digital currency began trading officially in 2017. The third launching of this digital currency will be done 2018 as it aims t take over the South American region. Anyone looking makes a killing with this digital currency is advised to invest early as it is accepted by more financial institutions and countries. Owners can convert it back to other currencies by simply exchanging it with various currency exchange points.

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